"The sky is the limit" describes the very essence of our business approach.

We are an optimistic company, since we believe that people have an unlimited potential.

People just need to set a goal and, if they really want to reach it, they can make it possible. It is up to us. And, in this personal development process, it will help us to be accompanied by the right professionals.

I am sure you’ve traveled by plane many times. And you might have flown under all sorts of weather conditions: under either sunny or cloudy skies. Maybe you even went through a strong thunderstorm. And as you were flying higher, you left behind all sorts of weather, layer after layer, continuously finding something new and different. After the clouds, the sun comes out. Light and a new sunset always emerge after darkness, even thousands of meters above the sea level.

The same thing happens with human beings: one phase comes after the other. And everything makes sense. Each phase we go through is the basis to reach the next level.



Humans are in a continuous learning process and have, therefore, an unlimited potential. For that reason, The sky is the limit offers services to people and companies who believe in the human capability to be in a constant development process.

What is The sky is the limit?

The sky is the limit specializes in HR consulting, coaching and executive training.

These services are addressed to companies and private clients to support them on their way to excellence.

The key to our success is

a solid knowledge of the corporate world in a multinational environment,

our associates’ excellent training level, as well as the possibility to offer our services in Spanish, Catalan, English and German.

The sky is the limit is located in the city of Barcelona, and has both national and international clients (we serve clients in Spain, Germany, Italy, Republic of Ireland, UK, USA).


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