We accompany people on their way to discovering their full potential


The values of The sky is the limit are: love, coherence and joy.

Only love and deep respect for people will allow us to accompany clients on their development path. We help people and organizations to grow, without judging them, giving them constructive and future oriented feedback based on facts.

We are coherent. We only “preach” what we have practiced before. We have a hands-on knowledge of the corporate world, since we are part of it; we teach how to communicate efficiently, since we are excellent communicators; we coach others because we believe in the power of coaching and apply it daily.

We work with joy. Being a good professional, in the sense of being reliable and respectable, does not imply being boring. People learn in a more efficient, long-lasting way if they have fun. Our programs are highly dynamic, participative and joyful; and, hence, memorable.


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