Developing and orienting group dynamics:
- Optimizing
team work (defining and aligning goals, conflict management…)
Creativity and innovation (”think tanks”, product idea development…)

Other services:
- Designing and implementing
induction programs.
- Creating
job descriptions.
- Designing
career and development plans.
Performance appraisal.

Coaching what is coaching?
(face-to-face, as well as on the phone)

Design and implement tailor-made coaching programs for companies.

Run business coaching sessions both for individual executives and groups (goal setting, action plan development, follow up).

Life coaching sessions.


Executive training

Efficient communication skills
- Managing
conflict and difficult situations
- Powerful
Train the trainer and group dynamics
Inter-cultural communication

Leadership and team work
- Leading high-performing teams
- Outdoor activities

Emotional intelligence
- Managing
time and personal energy

Applied creativity techniques
Innovation labs

NLP applied to business situations

Our working style at The sky is the limit

Our training programs are highly dynamic and participative and that makes them efficient.

We combine a small part of solid theoretical background with lots of practice. In that way participants have a chance to "feel in their flesh" what they have learned and will be able to use the newly acquired resources in an independent manner whenever they need them.

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