The sky is the limit
has been founded by
Alicia Marín Muniesa.

Born in Barcelona (Spain) in 1963, she graduated in 1985 in English Philology (M.A). With a scholarship of “Brethren Colleges Abroad” she spent a year (1986) in the USA doing additional Liberal Arts studies (Juniata College, Pennsylvania).

Alicia knows the multinational business world since she has been a part of it for 18 years. She has worked as a professional in Human Resources as well as in Marketing, both in Germany and Spain. (Henkel KGaA, Henkel Ibérica, Schwarzkopf Professional).

In 2006-2007 she studied Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP - Practitioner level); she also took an intensive course on Operative Coaching and finally obtained a Masters Degree in Coaching and NLP. She became a co-active coach at the Coaches Training Institute (2008) and an Organization and Relationship Systems Coach (ORSC, CRR Global) (2012). She also has done Postgraduate Studies in Mindfulness for Bussines, Healt & Education (2016)

Besides, Alicia is a founding member of the association "Coaching & Salut”:

"Coaching & Salut offers services to help people involved in the health sector (patients, relatives of patients, professionals, institutions), with the aim to improve their quality of life and level of personal satisfaction, as well as of increasing their efficiency to reach their objectives.”

Since mid of 2007 she is combining both her business and HR knowledge in a results-oriented and hands-on career, focused on consulting, coaching and training.

As far as her private life is concerned, Alicia adores her family and friends. She enjoys theatre and cinema and loves Celtic music.



Alicia Marín Muniesa

Contacts, collaborations

We collaborate, among others, with the following expert consultants from our international network:

Anett Helling (Triaz, business coach, trainer and consultant, Düsseldorf) web

Juan Carlos Oliver (executive coach and trainer) web

Isabel Nogueroles (HR and organizational consultant)

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