"I had the pleasure to work together with Alicia on various occasions and was always impressed with the level of professionalism, preparation, determination and the relentless pursuit of professional objectives even under difficult circumstances. Alicia has an impressive positive energy and her empathy and ability to cope with different situations, business settings and personality styles will surely enable her to make a positive difference for any individual or organization that she helps to move ahead.
Alicia is a highly committed professional who brings a lot to the table and her vast professional and multicultural experience surely makes her an asset in any coaching, personal / personnel and organizational development endeavors."

Dirk Buengel
Vice President Care Chemical NAFTA
Legal Representative Cognis Mexico
Cognis Corporation (Ambler, USA)

"Putting together a mixed team for the creation of a start-up company is certainly challenging. In January 2010 Alicia ran a team-building session of several hours for us, a geneticist, an economist and me (manager, biologist and communication expert). We are the founders of a technology company that will develop lifestyle art and designs based on genetic profiles. Although we acknowledged that we complement one another, at least theoretically, only after the session it became clear to us what we actually expect from each other, what strengths we have and who would actually be the best person to do certain tasks.

Alicia was an alert and bright moderator who captured our attention fully from the first moment and led us through a session that was fun, inspiring and motivating. Thank you coach!"

Dr. Reimund Fickert
Project Director
Barcelona Biomedical Research Park PRBB (Spain)

"I have known Alicia for more than 15 years and have worked with her on many projects involving the coaching and training of business executives. In all of these situations she proved to be not only a reliable and highly skilled professional but through her vibrant personality and enthusiasm always manages to create a real developmental experience for her clients and to motivate them into action."

Anett Helling M.A.
Leadership and Team Communication, Düsseldorf (Germany)

"Working with Alicia Marin has always been very illuminating for me and the people who participated in her sessions. Alicia is a very energetic and positive person who creates a pleasant working atmosphere where everybody feels comfortable and involved. She is able to adapt her style to the individuals' or groups' requests and therefore provides a real taylor-made approach, which meets the participants' requirements. The output of her sessions has always added value for the organization. I would be happy to work with Alicia anytime again."

Georgios Kordelas
HR Director Commercial Operations Europe
Novartis Vaccines & Diagnostics (Basel, Switzerland)

"Alicia and I have shared a learning path that has led to significant changes in our lives. Further to that, she has been my personal coach for a few years. Her coaching style is delicate and firm at the same time. Her questions are powerful and her intuition is sharp. At present Alicia collaborates with me in several projects for business coaching, leadership and personal efficiency programs. She has the explicit recognition of our clients for her excellent skills as a coach and facilitator."

Juan Carlos Oliver
Executive Coach
Barcelona (Spain)

"Alicia was my coach for a few months. While I was facing the future as if it were a huge and ugly ogre, she helped me to see that ogres are not as threatening as we imagine. And also that those monsters often times can become our friends and walk by our side as we go on learning. With her I learned to see the positive and shiny side in every situation and to understand the biggest challenges as opportunities.

Her joy and sense of humor gave me the support I needed to take my decisions with tranquility. I always felt her availability and new she was there for me.

Sometimes I think Alicia has something magic, like a leprechaun or a good-luck-witch. Yet, who has said that a good coach cannot also possess a bit of "witchcraft"?"

Paola Pozzi
Transformational Coach and Trainer
Barcelona (Spain)

"Alicia Marín is a fresh breath of new creativity. She shatters old stereotypical methods of marketing. She reaffirmed my long-time belief that there is no such thing as competition when you believe in what you do and who you are. We recommend Alicia Marin whole-heartedly, both professional and personal. She will turn your life downside-up, but only if you are ready to go through to some good solid coaching. Alicia is like a positive virus that heals, and we are effectively affectionately infected."

Steven Suiter
Barcelona Central de Salut, Barcelona (Spain)

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